Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message - Feb. 24, 2017

Changes are forging ahead and much important work is taking place, literally out of your sight because it involves bases located in the Inner Earth. It is all destined to take away the power from the dark Forces to hold you “prisoners”. With modern detection devices your true history is being unraveled, and there will be no cover up as in the past. It is claimed that very soon much of the detail connected with very ancient finds, will be revealed and made public. It will at least re-write the last 50,000 years and show the actual path of evolution that has led to Humans in their present form.

Little is as you have been led to believe and the truth will be like a breath of fresh air and plainly inform Humanity of its true path of evolution. The truth is going to excite most people, yet some will remain fearful as to what changes it will bring about and take away their “comfort zone”. Be assured that the final outcome will quickly lift you up, and it will be very apparent that your future is assured and will be most welcome. Simply consider what might have been held back from you for the last 150 years.

It would seem that the cabal has been taken down, but like a wounded animal they are now probably at their most dangerous. However, it means that their control has been severely broken and the odds are stacked against them as far as a recovery is concerned. It would also seem that their dreams have been shattered and it can only be a matter of time before the law catches up with them. It means that the prospects of soon being able to announce the new Republic are looking good. In time it will lead to peace upon Earth and the end of all hostilities, as there will no longer be those in high places dictating the path of your lives, and those that have been interfering will have been removed from the Earth. The dark Ones know that they have lost the battle and that the Forces of Light are closing in on them. There will however, be nowhere to hide, even in the Inner Earth.

For too long you have been brought up to believe that war is a natural part of evolution, and maybe it is if you allow those who seek power over others to rule. Historically it was motivated by greed for another’s land and possessions. Yet in a world of plenty equality and sharing has rarely been considered as worthy. Religion has also been guilty of dividing people and setting one against another. Now it is time to set aside those beliefs and accept that there is only the One God of All That Is. Be prepared and keep an open mind as those who cannot accept change, will most likely find themselves left behind. The Truth is Universal and in time it will be the only interpretation remaining and you can be assured it is quite simple and based on Universal Love as taught by the Masters such as Jesus.

Many of you are having your last incarnation on Earth and are most likely aware of it. You are the Lights amongst the darkness on Earth and your mere presence is helping the enlightenment of others. Some souls are so lacking in Light that they have no concept of Universal Love, but nevertheless will be able to rise up once they start to awaken. No soul is really a lost cause, but if it was so they would be reabsorbed into the Godhead. Be assured that at all stages of life many Beings of Light devote their time to lifting up trapped souls that become mired in the lower vibrations and almost total darkness. As a thought, bear in mind that once you have accepted the truth you will know that you have risen up, when you can send Love and Light to those that have harmed or threatened you or your loved ones.

This year will go down in history as the one when dramatic change took place on Earth and when all souls were enlightened. Changes so important that many more souls would have wished to be present to experience the end times. You who are present now and working for the Light are indeed privileged, and selected because you are experienced and capable of carrying out your tasks. Where ever you go your Light has an effect on other souls, and some are so aware of your energy that it lifts them up. As long as you can disassociate yourselves from what is going on around you, you can so to say live in your own world of Light unaffected by anything else that is going on. That enables you to fully express your Love and Light, and be of maximum benefit to all around you. Even those of you who are still lifting your vibrations can contribute to the upliftment, by sending your Light to wherever you find it is needed. Never tell yourselves that you have so little to offer that it is not worth it, every contribution counts and most likely does far more good than you could imagine.

Not every soul’s future is to follow the same path and much depends on where you are on the ladder of evolution. Clearly not all souls are at the same level and the higher you go the more it changes. It is most likely that many will be ready to take their place in the Fifth Dimension/Density and it is a level where you are a Being of Light with like souls. Some join groups who have the same desire for particular experiences, and often it involves being a Mentor to those who are also on the Path of Light. Once a Light Being you have a great freedom of choice as to where your travels take you. There are unlimited opportunities to experience virtually anything you desire, even to the extent of taking a different life experience in another form of expression. Some souls have come to Earth from planets other than Earth, and naturally once their life is over prefer to return to their own home. However, it is looking too far ahead for some of you who should not worry about such changes, and concentrate on your more immediate needs.

It should be apparent that you are not your body, which is a temporary form that is appropriate to the Human Race. In time through the power of thought and when you have uplifted your vibrations you will choose what form/body you use, or just remain in your Light Body. However, these situations are somewhat in the future, and certainly not things that should unduly occupy your mind now. There is so much for you to learn about your present embodiment, and as time passes you can be assured that many advanced souls who are already on your Earth will help you whatever your needs. Certainly you are now living in times when many truths are being made known to you. Hitherto there has been so much deliberately meant to keep the truth from you, and actually mislead you. The greatest truth concerns your potential and how great you really are, and yet you have been made to feel insignificant and unworthy. You have been told more than once, that you are Gods in the making, and that may be too much for most of you to accept, but it is true.

I leave you with best wishes for your enlightenment and send you love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Zorra Updates Q&A, Healing - Feb. 18, 2017

Message from the Show:

Welcome beloved Masters!

It is a wonderful day for a call with Zorra. We will hear relevant news about our present world and circumstances. You can be sure that he will address information coming from Prime Creator too. These topics are for starters and will be followed with Zaraya who has a few words to share with everyone also!

One Who Knows will be with us as well to share his special message of the day! He will also give us the latest news surrounding the RV.

And we also have Ted Mahr with a special announcement.

Q&A and healings, are always a part of our call and testimonials are also invited. Today, we would like to end with a meditation with Saraiya with the intention for Global prosperity and peace.

May harmony, peace, joy, love, laughter and healing be with each of you!

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Divinity in Everyone of Us

The Divinity in Everyone of Us
by Manny R. Pineda

In religion and in theological schools we were told that God is One and only one. But the exact definition of being ONE is not complete. God is not just simply attributed to just one person or one deity. The truth is ONE means a representation of the WHOLE. And that one-whole is infinite. It is never ending, boundless and bottomless. These are words that describes the SOURCE, an infinite field of energy that makes everything possible for without it the entire universe and multiverse will not exist. This therefore is the main foundation of everything, as it is the main reason for the origin of LIFE in the cosmos and beyond.

And so ONE means - the classification of it is singular in nature even though it is infinite. It operates in unison as ONE but can also multi-task having different projects. It is called Infinite ONE or Many of ONE. This Infinite Energy Field is the ONE that drives the created Universe. It is the main power-source of the whole material universe. This infinite ONE can be likened to every molecule of water of an endless and bottomless ocean. Though this ocean cannot be quantified in terms of size and scope, but it is ONE ocean that is composed of endless amounts of small molecules which bands together as an infinite field. And all these microscopic sizes of molecules forms together to comprise the entire oceans of water. In other words, every molecules of this endless ocean is like a brick to a very tall wall. However small each molecules are, but together they form an endless stream of powerful energy source acting as ONE as they are part of ONE, that is the Infinite One.

Another way to describe the Infinite One or Source is through the use of the depiction of the flower of life. In Abydos Egypt, It's been said that the Abydos structure is much older than the Pyramids itself including that of the Sphinx. The reason they gave was that the carbon dating of it reveals it's much older and considering also that it is much lower from the ocean level which indicates that it predates the Giza plateau structures of the Pyramid. But what they found on Abydos was something very significant. They found an inscription etched by a laser type of device that inscribed indelibly the image of a flower of life on a circle and beside it is a circle of inter-connected smaller pieces of flowers of life.

It was attributed to Hermes as the architect and designer of the Pyramids in Egypt. And Hermes is a being that is from the star system of the Pleiades. And we know that the Pleiades was mentioned in the Old Testament Bible along with Orion. And we know that the Pleaiades is part of the Galactic Federation of Light and of Planets. And the the Pleiades is located within the Milky Way Galaxy. The Pleiadians are the peoples who settled in the area we call today as western Europe. It was also the Pleiadians who built the famous ancient British structure called the StoneHenge. It was built to allow small scout ships and or aeroship to land on Earth without harming the ground as those ships has a force field.

The Flower of Life that was found in Abydos, Egypt was not inscribed by human hands. It was inscribed by some unknown advanced technology that literally etched the image of the flower of life directly into the hardened stone of Abydos. No amount of human artistry can ever sculpt that kind of image without making mistakes. In other words, the flower of life that was found there in Egypt was done with precision which is something not possible with just bare human hands even if it was done by several talented artist.

The same thing that was found on some shallow waters off the coast of Florida near the Carribean. They found a rock with an inscribed image of the flower of life on it. It could be a relic of Atlantis. Once again it cannot be attributed to human hands who inscribed that image as the flower of life drawing requires precision which is never possible with human hands.

How Simple and Precise is the Flower of Life?

Exploring the Geometry of the Flower of Life is somewhat surprising because it was designed not by just mere chance but with the use of precise mathematics and geometry.

The Flower of Life though it looks simple but it's actually quite complex piece of geometry. There are of course other geometry that are much more complex than this but this is the basic of sacred geometry that cannot be drawn and illustrated by bare human hands. In order to accurately draw the lines of the Flower of Life it must be done with the use of technological devices such as today's computers along with CAD or Computer Aided Design softwares.

Significance of the Flower of Life

So, what does the Flower of Life represents? It can describe and illustrate the basics of CREATION and of how matter in the Universe came into existence including the origin of life itself. A Flower of Life represents a conscious being, which is also an energy source. The Center Point of every Flower of Life is the origin of its activity. The Center Point is of course at the very center of every Flower of Life. The Center Point represents the Main Thoughts of the being. It is like the center of its intelligence. It is also like the Creation Center because everything that the being thinks is created and thus manifested into reality. It can also be called as the Heart/Mind. And this is the main reason why every being that is consciously aware of his and herself including their own higher self is a creator. This means, we are all creators and co-creators and therefore we are Gods and Goddesses.

Now try to imagine an infinite (bigger than the Universe) Energy Field which is a composition of a unified beings connected together as ONE. This Infinite Energy Field is called the SOURCE. Yes, we all came from that ONE SOURCE and this ONE Source is actually infinite. The Source is the inter-connected energy field that constitutes ALL beings. And each of these conscious beings (though too numerous to count) are part of the Source. And this Source is Divine as its pure and ever consistent. Inconsistencies only happen on an individual level (or a being). This is so, because each and every being as represented with the Flower of Life has their own level of vibrations and frequencies. 

How does it Work?

Since the Source represents Infinite Field of Energy consisting of inter-connected beings and each and every conscious being which is illustrated as a Flower of Life came from the Source. Then this energy field surpasses the universe itself. Literally, the space that we see in the universe is actually not empty. It is not blank. It is actually filled with an invisible energy field called the Source.

This infinite energy field is the main reason why telepathy, teleportation (which beams objects or large objects from one place to another in an instant) is possible. With the Source as though time and distance does not exist. This is because the energy field acts as ONE. ONENESS therefore is the opposite of DUALITY. The Source by its default nature can be invisible to the material world.

The Beehive the one that produces honey collected and deposited by various bees also indicates the hexagon shape.  These and many more examples in nature that shows hexagons are integral to the nature around us.  And we now know that hexagons are derived from a flower of life sacred geometry.

Even the very small atoms with its motion paths also conforms to the hexagon shape.  Notice the sub-atomic interaction between the protons and neutrons in the center nucleus while being surrounded by electrons.

At the center of the flower of life is the heart/mind.  That is where the vibrational frequency originates.  And with this vibration comes waves of energy that manifest in the form of either FIRE or electricity.  With this vibration also generates colors and LIGHT.  

So what does this mean?

The Flower of Life symbolizes that it is the source of energy of every living thing.  It is like the engine and fuel that powers every living organic and inorganic things not just in this world but for the entire cosmos.  It reveals that this flower of life shows the inter-connected flowers of life that represents ALL beings in the COSMOS.  And so this means we are ALL ONE.  And that we are ALL DIVINE, and therefore immortal, spiritual beings who are temporary housed on a physical body.

We are ALL Gods and Goddesses.  We should not conclude that God should only be attributed to only one person or deity, when in reality the God who appeared to Moses was actually an Annunaki who is not a member of the Galactic Federation of Light who came here to conquer the Earth while hiding their world domination plans and objectives.  This God who claim to be Yahweh taught people to serve and worship God and ruled people by making them afraid of him; worshipping God based on fear.  

But now we know that the true God is all of us for God cannot be confined to just one person.  For to do so, is very arrogant and is a form of deception.  God of the Universe is in fact "Many of One" or Infinite ONE.  None of the Gods and Goddesses who created several galaxies ever claim that they wanted to be served, kneel before them and worship them as they all wanted to be as equal, as they are just one of us as part of the whole, coming from the Prime Creator and the Source.

The only difference between those who are members of the Company of Heaven and those of us here in this realm is that they have gone before us. Meaning, they have ascended and have experience life and physicality a lot earlier than most of us.  But the truth is we shall all ascend in the same level from where they are as everyone and everything eventually ascends to their rightful place.   

A true God of LOVE will never ask people to worship and serve him.  For if they do ask then, that is how you know that that God is fake and just wanted to take advantage of others by way of deception. 

Evolution is the process of development and advancement of a Soul or conscious being from moving from one physical life and into a much advance physical body.  This means if we were once assigned to animal body in previous other lifetime after some extensive life experiences then we move on to the next evolution by being assigned to another body such as that of a human body.

Does it mean those who have ascended before us are higher than us and therefore we should serve and obey them?  No! It only means the progression of evolution.  They are higher because they have acquired Consciousness before us and have advanced with it is because they were simply have awakened much earlier than others.  The Spiritual Hierarchy illustrates this point.  But with greater consciousness they have a wealth of wisdom to share with us.  Therefore, they can give us advice that are good for us.

And so I have to say that God is in each and every one of us.  It is wrong to assume that God is only one person, it is in fact the sum of GOD is partly is in each and everyone of us.  

We are ALL Divine, because we are all part of God.  Jesus quoted the psalm of David by saying "Don't you know that YOU are all Gods?".

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sheldan Nidle's Update - February 7, 2017

1 Ben, 16 Yax, 13 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! Much has changed since we last addressed you. At the end of the last Gregorian Year, a shift was achieved in how the new power structure was to be formulated. As you remember, the dark cabal was "on the ropes". It appeared that a new financial system was on the verge of full compliance and a massive global currency reset was at its point of full emergence This has since been put on a slight hold. This merely implies that a current "shaking out" is now underway. The key element still stands in place. This, of course, is consciousness. A vast set of new technologies are close to being revealed. The main concern is the moving forward of a scientific paradigm shift. Over 300 years ago, your science became stuck on the need to use only energies that were physically apparent. This belief slowed down the natural movement of this surface realm. At present, a series of realities are to shortly culminate in a true comprehension of how to integrate this growing new consciousness.

This need to create a new and more plausible paradigm is vitally important to the historical spread of humanity. Humanity needs to feel that it it is quickly moving toward a greater acceptance of its expanding consciousness. This process took a series of consecutive centuries to reach the point that it currently occupies. It is building upon a desire to return to capabilities humanity had long ago. These various evolutionary stages were initially part of an operation that spanned the period from the fall of Atlantis to a few centuries ago. Initially, it progressed slowly. Only when the Anunnaki began to pay less attention to us did it become a swift evolutionary operation. Over the past two decades this evolutionary procedure began to grow generation after generation. We saw our progress pick up and begin to evolve. Humanity began moving quickly toward the forging of a new species. This consciousness transformation truly epitomizes how you are on the verge a mass encounter with us.

This encounter is built around your acceptance that you are reaching the time when your concept of reality alters. You are approaching the outskirts of galactic humanhood. This process is one that your ancestors were denied. When the Anunnaki changed sides, they opened up the possibility for you to rapidly evolve into something close to what you were at the time when Atlantis fell. You have in you all the basic tools that you possessed when you were dropped into limited consciousness. The past three centuries saw Heaven speed up a previously slow-moving operation. This new timeline is helped by the fact that the Federation is here to aid humanity, and this caused the speedup to become more apparent. You are moving beyond the twisted genetics package that you all possess. In fact, the last few weeks have begun to create the foundations for the changes that Heaven has given each of you. We are proud of how the Ascended Masters have aided these changes and permitted us to come ever closer to disclosure. Some amazing events are getting ever closer to happening!

This incredible process is currently taking place across this beautiful globe. We realize that there is a slight delay in completing these very complex procedures. We understand how committed all of us are to these vital transformations. This realm is moving very haphazardly, but consistently, toward a new reality. Your world can no longer exist in the same fashion as it did in the early part of the last century. A whole host of inventions and new technologies now need to come forward and manifest. We are in the process of aiding our friends to manifest these things. In fact, we are busily setting up scenarios that can create vastly new possibilities. This suppressed reality now needs to manifest in a truly unhindered manner. We are operating to keep these things secret until the right moment. Our fleet is thus poised for a sudden disclosure and a series of special signs that can lead us toward much needed mass landings. Consequently, we expect to see a few surprise discoveries to reshape this reality!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world is now in the midst of turmoil, but we are blessedly readying this reality for a most remarkable change. Heaven is regaining its foothold and we are to see a grand distribution of this reality. The Anunnaki long carried out the bidding of the dark and are presently making sure that all the new changes in this blessed realm are manifested. Heaven heartily recognizes the importance of what is shortly to take place. This reality needs to have its freedom and its prosperity. Humanity has waited too long for its well-earned reward. The hammer is ready to fall. A grand celebration is to arrive shortly. Your magnificent visions and wondrous focus make this time so blessed to Heaven and to us. This time is to see the end of a long delay and it is to graciously lead to this most heavenly event. This time is a most sacred one!

Let all be in grace and filled with heavenly mercy. We have watched in sorrow as those in power have delayed your blessings. We rejoice and celebrate these wondrous gifts. A series of special proclamations are, in one swift fashion, to terminate all who erroneously believed that somehow an amazing exit scenario has been accomplished. Such is not the case. What has so far happened is just a brief delay. All those who are to be arrested and isolated from humanity are still awaiting their just deserts. We rejoice in the fact that those so designated for this punishment are soon to receive it. This is not to merely punish the guilty but also to allow all to truly sense that this promised new realm is to sacredly manifest. Let all feel in their hearts that a great burden is to lift and allow the most marvelous heavenly gifts to manifest.

Long ago, Heaven set forth an agenda whose purpose was to eventually allow all humanity to reunite with our space and heavenly families. This sacred promise is nearing fruition. The sole purpose of our galactic family is to aid what has been accomplished by our secret sacred associates and in glorious joy to help transform your seemingly endless generations of debt slavery and mindless ever-growing debt. The tide is now to be turned. A new realm is to be born. Many documents are to become law and permit new governance. These are to be the vehicles for your prosperity and sovereignty. Taking this in hand the old tyranny is to be abolished and a new way of ordering this reality is to come into Being. Hence, we are to live in a new way and learn much about ourselves!

Today, we have continued our weekly report. Let this one show that a new reality is setting in. You are to receive an immense prosperity and a means to achieve your Dreams and visions. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Zorra's Call - Jan. 4, 2017

Message for the Show:

What is happening in our world? We have a new President in the USA and he has made many decisions that many are not happy with. When will we see the Light in this tunnel? Discoveries in Antartica, new continent under the Indian Ocean and more events worldwide. What of Nesara, Gesara, GCR/RV? Very special thanks to our beloved Zorra to help us understand what is really happening now as we move closer towards Disclosure and Ascension. Is this all part of the Divine Plan?

We are happy to have beloved, One Who Believes and Knows, join us as he will share pertinent info on the intel news. More importantly, he may share what the meaning is behind all of the upheaval that surrounds us. Maybe he will share how he keeps himself outside of the box (matrix) and see it more logically and in alignment with the Divine Plan. We look forward to his message.

In addition, we have our beloved Lorraine Eldgride who will speak to us on two topics. The first is about emotional clearing and why it is necessary for all of us especially during these times. How best to keep your vibrational frequencies high? Clean and clear your bodies, especially the emotional body. She has 2 emotional clearing sessions coming up for those who are interested. Secondly, she will speak briefly about a new health product that is already making news worldwide. Given that, it is an important one to check out. Thanks Lorraine for your part in helping humanity!

Lastly, beloveds, what we bring to our site is always a choice for you. We ask only that you respect and not put down anyone or anything when it comes to these presentations or offers. You can always disregard what is presented or you can partake. We want everyone to at least know about them. Remember that it is imperative to keep your bodies healthy. See you all soon!

Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 2017

It need hardly be mentioned that matters on Earth are speeding up and already the coming changes are bringing out mixed reactions. Unless you can see beyond the immediate happenings it is very difficult to understand the necessity for much that is taking place. The aim is first and foremost to prepare you for Ascension, and encourage you to maintain a peaceful outlook regardless of what is happening around you. The cleansing will at times cause upheaval, but it is necessary to lead mankind to a higher level that is desirable if real progress is to be made. People are waking up to what has been happening and becoming aware of the Illuminati’s plan. The real power lies with the people and they are beginning to exert their influence, and it will make a marked difference.

Currently there is a shift of power from the authorities and it is up to you to seize the opportunity to make your voice heard. They know that you can bring anyone down if you so choose, therefore they will take note of your demands. As time passes, decisions will not be made without the consent of the public. However, sight must not be lost of the ultimate aim to lift you into a higher level of consciousness, so that you are fully prepared for upliftment. Already the energies are increasing at a quicker rate and there is no reason why you should not be able to lift your consciousness at the same time. Stay focussed and do not allow yourselves to be distracted by what is happening around you, even if you encounter chaos. The changes will not take long to materialise the benefits, so look ahead to the desired outcome.

The higher forces are playing a greater part in your future, and without going against your freewill choice are directing you along the path that leads to fulfilment. Nothing can now stop progress towards your goal, because as a collective consciousness you have already chosen the course to be taken. It may not be every soul’s choice, but those that chose another path will also be honoured. The end of this Solar Cycle will be a time of celebration as so many souls will have succeeded in raising their vibrations in preparation for Ascension. The opportunity will come around again, but does not preclude a soul from ascending at any given time if they are ready.

Many souls will be utterly confused or even worried at the events taking place. When chaos seems to be everywhere as the foundations of the old Age are crumbling, it is difficult to see what is rising up on the new horizon. Come it will regardless of any action to delay or prevent it from happening. The old has served its purpose and soon you will make up for lost time, having been held back and denied the new technologies that would have seen you already some 50 years ahead of where you are now. However, the needed changes cannot be held back any longer, and many souls await the right opportunity to be released from their earthly experiences.

Come the time when you learn of the Illuminati plans for the control of Man, you might rightly assume that their demise could not have come at a better time. People will be shocked to know what was planned for your future, as Prison Planet Earth had progressed to the point where you were could be individually monitored from Space. Yes, any person could be picked out and even their conversations followed. Advancements in technology have happened so quickly that it could be truly said that you are living and working in the past. You could already have been living in a disease free environment and live totally independent of the many devices you still use. So once you can be advanced into the New Age all of the advantages of it will gradually be made available to you. At present you are slaves to your work and have little time for personal pursuits, but as you are beginning to understand you will gradually become free and have ample time for all of your interests.

Your lives upon Earth have in no way been a waste of time, as because of the tough challenges you have experienced you are ready to help out others who follow in your footsteps. As souls gather various experiences they sometimes specialize in certain areas, and become Masters in their own rights. But no experience is ever wasted and there are always other civilizations following in your footsteps needing help. You have been hardened in battles with the dark Ones and now stand victorious even although they have not yet finished. As you move into the higher dimensions there will be others who wish to share your experiences and benefit from them. Bear in mind that you willingly dropped down into the lower dimensions to help those trapped in them, knowing that your help would see them through.

Some souls cannot believe that they volunteered to drop down into the darkness to help souls trapped in it. You certainly did, and would not have been selected unless you were considered suitable for the tasks ahead. There is much satisfaction in helping your brothers and sisters find the Light, and thus start on their journey back home. You are all One so what could be more natural than wanting to lift them up. Think of your own situation and the help you get from your Guides, without which you would take much longer to evolve. Everyone faces the challenges together and whether you believe it or not, there is always help nearby but there may be reasons why you must follow through with your own experiences. Your life plan will have already been discussed with you prior to incarnating, and your Guides will do their best to ensure that you follow it.

Life on Earth can be wonderful and exhilarating, or miserable and painful yet all is experience that will serve you well some time in the future. It is obviously your experience that counts when you are helping another soul to overcome problems. There is absolutely nothing that can compare with actual experience, and you are to be thanked and commended for such generous use of your time. Service to others in duality is the way in which you evolve very quickly, particularly in your present circumstances when there is a large degree of uncertainty and little sign of the future changes that will lift you up.

Most of you are seasoned travellers who are open to suggestions as to how best use your talents. You are in fact Masters in your own rights who are used to meeting the various challenges that evolving souls face. Another time you may choose different experiences as it is you who makes the ultimate and final choice. Clearly life is more peaceful and relaxing in the higher dimensions to which you are returning.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.