Monday, October 23, 2017

"Updated Edition" - USN Concept Design 2017

Now I have included the backside portion of the design.

Zorra CALL - New Updates: RV, Gesara,Republic, TDA's - 10-21-2017

Their Message for the show:

Dear beloved Masters,

We always look forward to that wonderful time to be together again with our beloved Zorra and with each other. Yes, we are family.

For many, our own immediate families still don't understand what we are doing, believing in and the list goes on. We just don't fit in, probably never did but we continue to stand our ground on our beliefs and understandings knowing within that we are here for a special reason and mission. The existence of extraterrestrials and UFO's, Galactics, Prime Creator, Mother/Father God (Zorra/Saraiya) are not within the comprehension of most of the population but we do because we are awakening.

It doesn't matter any more what others say, we have been here for the long haul (thousands of years if not more). We are the game changers, and no, we are not going to give up yet. In fact, we will never give up because that is why we came in the first place. Yes, we are fearless, we are the determined warriors of this existence. The greatest Purpose of our many lifetimes is to assist in the Ascension of Terra Christa and all of her inhabitants. Doing so changes and affects our entire Universe in ways we cannot comprehend. Indeed, We are here because of LOVE.

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day!


Saturday, October 21, 2017

USN Concept Design 2017

As the USD is about to be replaced totally by USN. Here's an additional concept design of the USN that reflects the aspirations of JFK - the bravest American President; as he wanted to see America free from control and to disclose the presence of the benevolent ETs.

The main difference between USN and USD is that the USN is already gold backed, meaning it's value is directly supported by gold asset.

Central Banks of the world are no longer allowed to print money with no verifiable gold backing.

Not only USD but also the Euro is also Fiat Currency which is not supported by any tangible value.  The numeric price printed on the surface of the paper was based on illusion of value.  And they have been doing that for several decades.  

We were fooled to be enslaved, and worked hard for money that does not even cost anything except for the ink and the paper it was printed on.  

This is because the global bankers privately owned not just the central banks of the world but also the big banks.  They infiltrated every government of the world to create central banks.  Thanks to the benevolent ETs as they are helping the US Military and the Restored Republic in regaining back the control of the monetary printing away from the private/secret government.  Though the development are not reported in the mass media but as of late, significant progress have been made in favor of the US Military against the secretive shadow government. 

In case you are not aware, the US Military is no longer obeying the private corporate government of the USA.  Instead they have given them ultimatum to surrender or face the consequences.  

What we are hearing from the mass media are just lies.  They portray there's a threat somewhere in the world but they never say that the master mind behind the terrorists is them (secret government) as they are the ones financing the terrorists.

In time, the US Military will disclose the truth and make some big announcements.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?


When it comes to Iran, do basic facts matter? Evidently not, since dozens and dozens of journalists keep casually reporting that Iran has a “nuclear weapons program” when it does not—a problem FAIR has reported on over the years (e.g., 9/9/15). Let’s take a look at some of the outlets spreading this falsehood in just the past five days:

  • Business Insider (10/13/17): “The deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), aims to incentivize Iran to curb its nuclear weapons program by lifting crippling international economic sanctions.”
  • New Yorker (10/16/17): “One afternoon in late September, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called a meeting of the six countries that came together in 2015 to limit Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”
  • Washington Post (10/16/17): “The administration is also considering changing or scrapping an international agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”
  • CNN (10/17/17): “In reopening the nuclear agreement, [Trump] risks having Iran advance its nuclear weapons program at a time when he confronts a far worse nuclear challenge from North Korea that he can’t resolve.” The problem with all of these excerpts: Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. It has a civilian nuclear energy program, but not one designed to build weapons. Over 30 countries have civilian nuclear programs; only a handful—including, of course, the US and Israel—have nuclear weapons programs. One is used to power cities, one is used to level them.

If you are skeptical, just refer to a 2007 assessment by all 16 US intelligences agencies (yes, those 16 US intelligence agencies), which found Iran had “halted” its nuclear weapons program. Or look at the same National Intelligence Estimate in 2012, which concluded again that there “is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb.” Or we can listen to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, which concurred with the US intelligence assessment (Haaretz, 3/18/12).

The “Iran Deal,” formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is built on curbing Iran’s civilian nuclear program, out of fear—fair or not—that it could one day morph into a nuclear weapons program. But at present, there is no evidence, much less a consensus, that Iran has an active nuclear weapons program. JCPOA cannot be used as per se evidence such a program exists today; indeed, it is specifically designed to prevent such a program from developing down the road.

A slightly less egregious variant of this canard is when outlets suggest the JCPOA stopped an ongoing existing weapons program—though they don’t make the mistake of saying it still exists: The JCPOA “called for the elimination of economic sanctions Iran in exchange for Tehran giving up its nuclear weapons program,” USA Today (10/13/17) wrote. US and Israeli intelligence do claim that Iran once had a nuclear weapons program—but they say it ended in 2003, not in 2015 as a result of the JCPOA.

The distinction between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons is, of course, non-trivial. Every time the media mindlessly report Iran has a “nuclear weapons program” rather than a “nuclear program” (or, better, a “nuclear energy” or “nuclear power program”), they further advance the myth that Iran’s intentions or “ambitions” are to build a nuclear bomb, which is something we have no evidence it is doing or plans to do—at least since the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwa against building nuclear weapons in 2003 (Foreign Policy, 10/16/14).

So why do some many reporters keep mucking this up? A few reasons: It’s just a mantra repeated ad infinitum, and journalists and pundits often mindlessly repeat an oft-repeated phrase. Some, such as nuclear arms expert Jeffrey Lewis at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at Middlebury Institute, think it’s simply an issue of reporters not knowing how to express a complicated idea.

“I often see this point [about the civilian vs weapons program] mangled. I don’t think it’s malice, just a writer or editor not knowing how to express an idea,” he said on social media. “The JCPOA imposes measures that constrain Iran’s nuclear energy program to provide confidence that the program remains peaceful,” he added, offering an example of how that idea can be expressed.

Another major reason for this recurring falsehood, as FAIR (7/6/17) noted after the New York Times twice “mistakenly” accused Iran of carrying out 9/11 (one of the smears going uncorrected for over three years), is that one can say pretty much anything about Iran without any professional or public backlash. Because Iran is an Official US Enemy, and its motives are therefore always deemed sinister, the idea that it is plotting to violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and build a nuclear weapon is simply taken as a given. The lack of hard evidence for this is irrelevant: Intentions of those in the crosshairs of US power are always presented as cynical and malicious; those of the US and its allies benevolent and in good faith. Iran’s sinister motives are simply the default setting—no matter much evidence points to the contrary.